Who are we?? 

Our team is formed by a consultant physician, a maître and two specialized waitresses and the cook (celiac).

From our stove gluten-free only go out dishes since more than 10 years, and they have been delight and pleasure for all (Celiac and non-celiac). We do not make distinctions or differences: not only gluten-free food is healthier and also it is as tasty and exquisite than the gluten food. And of course it is possible to prepare any dish or delicacy to you.

All this has led us to realize our dream that is yours; richly elaborate dishes will leave our stove to your table, whether in family, for business or family events, or any other type of celebration.

Two of our best premises are: the elaboration and preparation of our dishes are fresh, ecological and freshly out of the market, and the other is: all utensils and used products are gluten-free.

The services we offer range from food take-out, catering, birthdays, menu à la carte until the possibility of preparing food in your kitchen, including waiter and collection service after the event; You will not have to worry about anything, we take the restaurant service to your own home .